- Cross-border, but not national, EU interregional development projects are associated with higher growth (with Zsolt Darvas and Catarina Midoes)
- How long is the head table? (with Jean Pisani-Ferry)
- Libra: possible risks in Facebook’s pursuit of a ‘stablecoin’ (with Maria Demertzis)
- ‘Lo spread’: the collateral damage of Italy’s confrontation with the EU (with Grégory Claeys)
- A European atlas of economic success and failure (with Zsolt Darvas and Catarina Midoes)
- Considering intra-Eu migration and countries' net inflows (with Akira Soto)
- The possible Chinese-US trade deal
- Is public debt a cheap lunch?
- Could Italian private wealth compensate for flight of foreign bond-holders? (with Silvia Merler)
- The consequences of Italy’s increasing dependence on domestic debt-holders

Open Democracy
- If Europe is forged in crisis, Italy has something to say (with Azucena Moran) (Spanish version)


La Voce
- Debito italiano agli italiani: a quale costo? (with Silvia Merler)

- Patto di stabilità, Green new deal e spesa militare
- Flat tax, chi la vuole? Storia di un dibattito
- Stupido è chi povero è: disuguaglianze cognitive, una minaccia per la democrazia?


- Wem Italiens Staatsschulden gehören – und warum das wichtig ist



The Financial Times
- The economic consequences of the Great War (by Martin Sandbu)


Der Spiegel
- Wem Italien alles Geld schuldet (by Claus Hecking)


La Croix
- De la Pologne au Portugal, l’Europe en lutte contre le dépeuplement (by Jean-Baptiste François)


Interview to Commissioner Guntram Oettinger on the EU budget


If you made it until here, you really deserve to have a listen to the weekly podcast I (used to) co-host with my friend Riccardo, In Prima gli Italiani, an ironic press review of far-right Italian newspapers. Pre-requisites are quite tight (understanding Italian, being addicted to Italian politics and/or Italian trash tv), but no pain, no gain.